We also deal with Laptop Repairs & Network Support, its frequency has increased due to the increased importance of Information Technology generally, and Networking Products.

In addition, Windows, and Mac also add up into a comprehensive portfolio of Computer Products and Computer Support Services which now include Computer Software Support.

Our Services include:

  • Laptop repair and maintenance support
  • Parts and accessories arrangement and replacement support
  • Dealing System Installation Support
  • Coordinate new office opening/office relocation
  • Original battery & Charger etc.

Laptop Consultants provide Completely laptop Repairing
•    Laptop power issue
•    Laptop heating issue
•    Laptop hinges Damage issue
•    Laptop power pin issue
•    Laptop batteries
•    Laptop body damage issue
•    Laptop hard drives
•    Laptop rams
•    Laptop Dvd room
•    Laptop Motherboard issue
•    Laptop Fan voice issue
•    Laptop software issue
•    Laptop charger
•    Laptop skin,etc
•    Laptop Led,lcd,
•    I pad One touch , I pad Two touch,I pad mini touch, I pad 3 touch
•    All kind of I pad screen
•    I pad original  charger
•    Laptop Display cable
•    Laptop service also available

We Are Your Mac Repair Specialists!

Let our Mac repair specialist replace your cracked Mac screen, clean up liquid spill damage or fix any other issues keeping you from using your Mac to its full potential.